The Science of Taste Training

In writing Getting to Yum, I’ve summed up the key insights from scientific research on preventing (and curing) picky eating).

As a professor trained in both the natural and social sciences, I reviewed thousands of peer-reviewed articles on the “Science of Taste,” which explains:

  • how and why we develop food likes (and dislikes)
  • how our sense of taste is related to our other senses (smell, sight, touch, and even hearing)
  • how taste evolves over our lifespan
  • how to encourage kids and adults to learn to like new foods
  • how games can help kids get over “food fears” and become eager eaters

These results are based on amazing research in many disciplines, including medicine, nutrition and dietetics, neurobiology, psychology, sociology, comparative anthropology, food studies, environmental studies, and health education.

Click here for a complete list of the scientific studies referenced in Getting to Yum.

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