Yummy French Kids School Lunches…this week in Chartres

The town of Chartres in northern France is perhaps best known for its medieval Gothic cathedral, which has fascinated artists and writers since its completion early in the 13th century (most recently, the secrets hidden in its intricate carvings played a pivotal role best-selling Da Vinci Code).

School lunches in Chartres (population 40,000) follow a pattern similar to that elsewhere in France: a starter, main dish, side dish, cheese, and dessert. And the nutritional balance of meal is overseen by a nutritionist, so that children are always offered one raw vegetable, one dairy product, one protein-rich food (meat, fish, eggs, or beans/pulses), and one carbohydrate-rich food (necessary energy for kid’s busy bodies).

So, what are children eating this week in Chartes?

Monday, November 14th

Cheese omelette
Baked potatoes with butter and fresh parsley
Fruit compote

Tuesday, November 15th
Green salad with French vinaigrette
Filet of hoki (Blue Grenadier fish) with lemon
Steamed vegetables julienne (julienne means cut in thin strips)
Fruit velouté (creamy cooked fruit sauce)

Wednesday, November 16th
Wheat berry salad à la provençale (olive oil, garlic, and chopped tomato)
Cordon bleu (a rich casserole, with chicken and bacon, topped with cheese and breadcrumbs)
Steamed carrots
Goat cheese
Seasonal fresh fruit

Thursday, November 17th
Cucumber salad with creamy dressing
Sausage de Toulouse (a town in southern France)
Gouda cheese
Seasonal fresh fruit

Friday, November 18th
Themed Menu: Chinese food
Soya, corn, and carrot salad
Minced Turkey à l’impériale
Rice Madras
Creamy yogurt (Petit Suisse)
Chinese dessert

As is the case with some schools in France, food is made in a central kitchen, and transported by truck to each school for distribution. This keeps prices affordable, and enables even small schools (like kindergartens) to have hot lunches.

Bon Appétit!