Great Products

Just to be clear: I don’t get endorsements or free samples…these are just things I happen to love!

Today I Ate A Rainbow (Kits for Preschoolers): A fantastic idea for teaching younger children to have fun while eating their veggies; I love their adorable Rainbow Kits.

Fun, playful plates with dividers sized to meet USDA recommended portion sizes. Ingenious idea! Reminds them (and you) to eat their veggies: Super Healthy Kids
I wish I had discovered these plates when my older daughter was still a toddler. 

Lovely eco-friendly lunch box sets, inspired by Japanese Bento Boxes. Mom-designed! They even have a ‘banana-guard’ to prevent leaky fruit mushiness!

Great card-based game to play at the table with older children: Crunch a Color
Works well with my seven year-old; she loves the idea of earning ‘points’ for everything from eating her vegetables to trying something new!

The amazing BebeCook, designed in France (and now available in North America–yay!) will steam, puree, reheat and even defrost baby food, all in one chic little machine. I used this constantly when my kids were little. Amazing time-saver…and avoids the mess of dealing with multiple pots and containers. They patented this thing, and rightfully so.