Getting to Yum

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Getting to Yum is a must-read for parents who want to teach their children that healthful foods can truly be “yummy.”  Karen translates current scientific evidence into a treasure trove of valuable lessons: carefully researched,  practical advice to help parents tame finicky eaters.

I thoroughly enjoyed Getting to Yum with my family and hope that your family will, too.”

Dr. Jenny Cheng
Pediatrician and Clinical Director, One Step Ahead (Preventive Weight Management) Program
Harvard Medical School

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“Get ready for children who have healthy attitudes toward food and not only eat their veggies but like them, too. I absolutely love the idea of teaching them to eat well through the Taste Training program—a true ‘fix’ for picky eaters!”

LISA LEAKE, author of 100 Days of Real Food

Want your kids to be food lovers? Karen takes away the pressure, stress, and frustration of mealtime with interactive food games and simple recipes that make eating a joy for the whole family!”

CATHERINE McCORD, author of Weelicious

“Any parent eager to get kids to eat vegetables must read this instant classic right now. Getting to YUM celebrates the fun and joy of parenting—even of picky eaters. This book makes it a pleasure to teach kids about delicious food, encourage healthier eating habits, and counter the relentless marketing of junk food, without ever turning the dinner table into a battlefield.”

MARION NESTLE, author of Eat Drink Vote: An Illustrated Guide to Food Politics


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