Taste Training Games

One of the best things about researching and writing Getting to Yum was all of the ‘food education’ games I got to design and test with my kids. The end result? The book introduces 20 “Taste Training” games that you can play with children of all ages.

Why games? The underlying idea is simple (and backed up by research): kids need to experience what they are learning, in a “hands-on” way. Plus, games make learning to like new foods fun—for kids and adults alike!

Many of the games can be used to address specific picky eating issues. For example:

    – toddlers who don’t like textured food can play the Texture Game

    – kids who don’t like citrus can play the Sour Fruit game—which led many of my test family kids to be grapefruit lovers!

By the way, the games are actually simple science experiments, based primarily on the neurobiology and psychology of taste (for more information on the science of Taste Training, click here).

Here’s a complete list of the Getting to Yum games. Enjoy!



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