Making food a daily ritual….with a French touch!

Food is everywhere in France, as you might expect. It’s a favorite topic of conversation, and even the subject of hit TV shows; the French version of ‘American Idol’ features would-be chefs in high-drama cooking show-downs. This is prime-time TV! And many people in France are glued to their screens as the final episodes unfold.

But food — and the joy of savoring good food — also pops up in lots of little, unexpected ways in everyday life. For example, look at this piece of paper towel. I bought it at our local supermarket (not at a fancy speciality shop). Each piece on the roll has a different recipe (this one is for a wonderful summer dessert called Granité aux Fraises). The recipes rotate seasonally (we bought this roll earlier in the summer). Even the most mundane object can be transformed by a little lighthearted nod to the pleasures of life. Savoir-vivre, as they say.

ps In case you were wondering, yes, it is only coquettish women shown on the paper towel rolls. Gender equity in the kitchen is not a strong point for the French–at least not yet. However, that’s an entirely different debate–about which I will be blogging next week!

3 thoughts on “Making food a daily ritual….with a French touch!

  1. This is great. You also have “Un dîner presque parfait” that I recommend my readers to watch to see how a French dinner goes. How we see food.
    And yet, even if food at the center of our lives, we mostly see it a social moment. Not “just feeding”.

    Thanks for your article Karen!


  2. What is it about the French “je ne sais quoi”? Everybody loves a little something French. I love what you say about how everything can be transformed by “a little lighthearted nod to the pleasures of life.” We’ll raise a croissant to that! And the paper towel is darling and funny – the Men: Chef and the women: clean! Oh mon Dieu…Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about that! 😉


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