Fun "food art" for kids: One amazing Malaysian mom’s story

A great way to encourage reluctant eaters is to make food visually appealing. .
One of my favourite examples is Samantha Lee, a Malaysian mom who makes stunning “bento box” style dishes for her children, like the one pictured here. Check out a video of her amazing “food art”, here, or visit her wonderful blog: She’s an amazing artist — and has attracted worldwide attention with her work (check out her blog for food art interpretations of Lady Gaga, Brave, and the Eiffel Tower!).

My attempts tend to be more mundane, but successful nonetheless. Simple happy faces are much appreciated in our household! Bon Appétit! 😉Happy Face Salad

3 thoughts on “Fun "food art" for kids: One amazing Malaysian mom’s story

  1. Also the leftover of a meal can be used as artistic material. Inspired by the quote “Everyone is an Artist” (Joseph Beuys), we just released the interactive art project >ART ON MY PLATE< to bring some more creativity and artistic activity into everyday life and encourage people to perceive their food more consciously. See:


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