New: Baby and Toddler Taste Training Plans!

Baby Taste Training Plan Sign UpSo excited to be letting you know about these new Taste Training Plans!

In response to popular demand, I’ve created these short plans which help you teach your child to learn to love new foods. Based on my new book Getting to Yum, the plans provide you with easy, tasty recipes that will expand your baby’s palate (and maybe even your own!), Top Tips, Games, Coloring Sheets, plus a personalized Taste Training Graduation Certificate at the end!

Toddler Taste Training Plan Sign Up Button Final

Learn More: Find out more about Taste Training here, and the amazing Science of Taste Training here. And check out the happy family testimonials.

Give Back: The proceeds will go to help food education programs in schools (we’re currently supporting the amazing Project Chef in Vancouver), and low-income families can access the plans for free upon referral from a paediatrician or hospital. Proud to be giving back to the #foodiekids community!


4 thoughts on “New: Baby and Toddler Taste Training Plans!

  1. Hello Karen,
    I adore your books and have made several of your recipes for my 2.5 year-old and my 7 month-old, with quite a lot of success. There are certain things they (notably the older child) still balk at. With this in mind, may I ask you for what ages your baby and toddler plans are recommended (I’m not sure where “baby” ends and “toddler” begins, particularly since my kids start toddling late)? Also, have you any tips on how to teach children table manners, or rather, how to eat with utensils?
    Thanks again for such great books: I bought them both and rely on each quite heavily.
    – Meg Lamore


  2. I would love to sign up for the toddler taste training plan but the link to sign up doesn’t seem to be working (the baby plan works…) Thanks!!


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