New book: Getting to Yum will be published this week!

So thrilled that my new book is coming out this week! I’ve spent two years doing research on amazing recipes, tips, and games, and working with ‘test families’ to make sure that the recipes are “kid-approved”! You can read some of their testimonials here.

I’m also excited (but nervous) to let you know that I’m creating a social enterprise in association with the book! I’ve set up a new website (, on which I’ll be offering Taste Training Plans for kids of all ages, starting with toddlers. Proceeds will go to support organizations working on food education for children. Please check it out – I’d love your thoughts!

Flier Getting to Yum - new book

5 thoughts on “New book: Getting to Yum will be published this week!

  1. Looking forward to getting my copy of your new book this week–I’ll check out the new website, too! I really appreciate all of the hard work you’ve put into giving parents practical info on how to help their kids be adventurous healthy eaters! Enjoy your book launch week!


  2. I pre-ordered your new book several weeks ago and can’t wait for it to arrive! I will check out the new website, too! Congrats–hope you enjoy your book launch week!


  3. I’m excited about your new book and have pre-ordered it. (I just finished your other book last month – I happened to read about it on the Kitchen Stewardship blog and was so intrigued I bought it.) All this taste training stuff is fascinating to me. My husband and I both grew up hating most veggies – and still do. (My mom made us eat them every day. They were the mushiest, blandest things and I still want to gag thinking about them.) I am hoping that I can get our whole family eating more of a variety of veggies and other things. My 1 year old is very open to trying new foods, my 12 year old eats most food, but my 5 year old is almost as picky as me. Anyway – I look forward to this new journey in food!


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