Getting to Yum: Book cover

For those of you interested in the “behind-the-scenes story” behind book publishing, I thought I’d post this image. I’m working with teams at HarperCollins (US and Canada) and Little Brown (UK); we’re done proof reading and copy-editing is done, but we only recently finished making some last minute changes to the cover, reflecting some endorsements for the book that have just come in. I’m really excited…hope you like it! 😉

2 thoughts on “Getting to Yum: Book cover

  1. Hi Mia – thanks so much!! So glad you enjoyed the book – and glad to hear that it’s been so useful for your family. It’s very true that the entire family gets a ‘food overhaul’, even if starting out focusing on the kids! Some of the ‘test families’ for the new book report that ‘Getting to Yum’ helped the parents just as much as the kids! 😉
    Take care,


  2. Wow,

    Super excited for your book to come out! Your first book has been my bible, so am counting the days till this book comes out. This will be my new book present for kid’s birthdays. Your first book has been my go to for baptisms and christenings. I would have never gotten my 5 year old (now 7 year old) two years ago to start eating a steady diet of fruit and veg. Now, he actually looks for fresh foods and I’m amazed when his dinner plate consists of a pile of veggies, along with his protein, carbs etc. even my diet has improved because of your book. Now my mom even jokes me that my son eats like a “French” kid.

    Love your new book cover as it shows there’s hope for the 7 year plus to even the adult age group.

    Can’t wait! 🙂



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