One thought on “Did your family try a 'French Kids Eat Everything' experiment?

  1. My sons are young men now, with babes of their own. I read the book and was so impressed I just had to put some of the rules to the test on myself and husband. We are normally good eaters, love our veggies, but there are a few we have not yet tried, so that is our goal, try them all. The one rule that has really worked for me is the NO snacking. The other is our only meal together usually, dinner, we stopped doing it the American way, everything served at once, and have now gone to at least 3 courses, the appetizer, a veggie or salad, then the main course. We only have desserts on special occasions. This has slowed the meal down a bit, a good thing, and dinner time is very pleasant, as it should be. We also sit down at the table, with candles of course, and no eating in front of the TV which is so common with retired people our age. Thanks again for the book, French Kids Eat Everything and so does this retired couple ages 65! (we certainly were picky eaters as children, so take hope parents, it may take a lifetime, but it can happen!)


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