Taste Canada food writing award…so thrilled to be a winner!

I’m so thrilled that French Kids Eat Everything was just awarded one of  Canada’s food writing awards — very inspiring!

In fact, all of the short-listed books were inspiring. Check them out at Taste Canada — for a cookbook devoted to kale, an ode to Canadian whiskey, and maple syrup-infused recipes, plus some amazing Middle Eastern-Canadian fusion cooking.


3 thoughts on “Taste Canada food writing award…so thrilled to be a winner!

  1. That’s awesome Karen! Just want to let you know that your book has absolutely changed the way my son and family eats. I thought I started late as he was 5 years old at the time I read your book and my son was on the road to turning his nose up at any nutritious food I gave him and requesting only his favourite foods. I was also stuck in a food rut, rotating between two foods that he found acceptable. Two years later– he eats just about everything I put in front of him during meal times. Vegetables and all…… Yikes don’t want to jinx it! I even got his vegetable hating friend who is our neighbour to like vegetables using some of the principles of your book. His mom thanks me all the time :). Fellow moms marvel at how my son is such a fabulous eater. I owe it all to this fabulous book and your incredible journey. This book should be standard reading for all moms and should be shared at schools and daycares. Hope you come up with your new cookbook soon. I am so excited. 🙂 Your recipes are awesome and I use and share them all the time.


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