Starting solids with a bit of ‘spice’! Helene’s success story

I regularly get requests from parents of new babies about good resources for starting solid foods–with more diversity and ‘spice’ than the regular baby books. One of my favorite blogs is French Foodie Baby, written by Hélène, a French mom living in the US. Her menus for baby Pablo (started when he was 6 months, now a toddler) are mouthwatering! And give great insight into food diversification à la Française. A typical recipe for a 6 month old: celeriac and sunchoke soup!

Here’s a lovely quote from the blog:

It seems to be taken for granted in the US that kids will innately dislike vegetables. But French mothers assume they will like them—and they do! I believe taste and appreciation of good and healthy foods, and curiosity for a wide variety of foods, can be learned and taught, and the earlier the better. Even my pediatrician was somewhat surprised that Pablo ate vegetables of all colors easily and thus didn’t need to take a vitamin supplement.

–Hélène, mom of one and a half year-old Pablo

Happy reading–and eating!

3 thoughts on “Starting solids with a bit of ‘spice’! Helene’s success story

  1. I love Helene! She’s helped me tremendously. It seems I’ve started with you, Karen, and the whole world of food has fallen into my lap like a pot of gold. Thank you for all that you offer parents trying to give our families the best of the best of life.

    I especially love Helene’s drop-down menu aid. I go to it weekly during my menu planning!


  2. I love Helene’s blog! I also follow her on Pinterest and am constantly getting inspiration for my 11 month old from her ideas. People have asked me about how spicy my son’s food is – is that ruining him for other foods? I truly don’t think so and just love that he loves what I give him!


  3. Thank you for sharing this blog – I just went over and subscribed! I am just starting baby-led weaning again with my 7 month-old and I needed some inspiration!

    I don’t know if you have noticed how much more “selection” there is for French baby food compared to the US/Canadian selection – so much more vegetables, meat and recipes!

    I read your book and loved it – and I think “la cantine” is the way to go. I truly believe that it gives children a wide variety of foods and educate their palates!


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