A menu of the week from Paris….from a reader

Many thanks to Carol Gillott (check our her fun blog: www.parisbreakfast.com) for this lovely menu from a French primary school in Paris!

Monday 18th March
Salad: Organic beet salad with grated carrots
Main course: Veal with sauce diablotin and basmati rice
Dairy: Mimolette cheese or ‘vache qui rit’ (both soft, creamy cheeses that kids usually love)
Dessert: Fresh fruit cup

Tuesday 19th March
Salad: Grapefruit with sugar or grated celery with apples
Main course: Trussed veal with onions and gravy, served with a side of cauliflower and potatoes
Dairy: Organic vanilla yogurt
Dessert: Pineapple fruit cup

Wednesday 20th March
Salad:Boiled egg on a bed of green salad, with mayonnaise
Main course: Homemade lasagna
Dairy: ‘Fromage frais’ (sort of like cottage cheese, but creamier)
Dessert: Fresh fruit basket

Thursday 21st March
Salad: Endive salad with apple
Main course: Sauteed beef with pepper sauce and sauteed spring vegetables
Dairy: Gouda
Dessert: Chocolate eclair

Friday 22nd March
Salad: Creamed spinach
Main course: Fish filet with curry, served with green beans and parsley-topped potatoes
Dairy: Poitou or goat cheese (flavorful – yum!)
Dessert: Organic banana with chocolate sauce

Bon Appétit!! And thanks Carol! 😉

3 thoughts on “A menu of the week from Paris….from a reader

  1. Hi there – we love to take our children in the Latin Quarter off the boulevard St Michel – it is filled with heated outdoor restaurants of all kinds. Another great place is the musee Rodin in the 7th – the lunch cafe is surrounded by Rodin and Camille Claudel’s statues …. quite lovely.
    all the best http://foodieg.com/
    the French Nanny


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