Et voilá! The "French Food Rules"… in full color!

Several readers have written asking me if there is a place they can download a copy of the “French Food Rules” illustration (drawn by the wonderful artist Sarah Jane Wright) that featured on the back cover of French Kids Eat Everything.

As one dad recently wrote to me: “This list needs to be on our fridge!”

For all of those who had similar thoughts, here are the French Food Rules in color….for your fridge, or anywhere else you care to post them. Enjoy!

ps I’d love to hear about which rules you’ve adopted, and how your family has adapted to them!

9 thoughts on “Et voilá! The "French Food Rules"… in full color!

  1. I just read (devoured) your book and have already put some things into play. My kids are puzzled but seem to be going along so far. I wanted to know how much food at each course, you would serve at each meal. Do you have a visual guide of portion sizes for french kids to get a sense of how much to serve (kind of a maximum upper limit) while allowing them to eat as much of the portion as they want to feel sated.


  2. Karen, you have no idea how much your book set in motion amazing and wonderful changes for our family! Thank you! We have always eaten meals together, but now our meals are becoming more of an event. I, now, can’t imagine eating dinner without a table cloth on the table and we enjoy serving multi-course meals, although I am a bit challenged at times regarding the timing of things! In addition, we are trying more and different vegetables and are learning to enjoy salads with vinaigrettes vs. regular salad dressings as well as vegetable purees. My husband has found that he adores leek soup! Anyway, I am excited about the poster (just printed and am hanging it on the fridge) and look forward to learning more. BTW, I’m just down in Bellingham… was fun to hear you live so close. Many blessings!


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  4. I have 2 boys, 4 1/2 and 2 1/2. I devoured your book in 3 days and started implementing it right away. My boys aren’t totally on board with it yet, but they are tasting new foods and have found a couple they like. Setting the table and taking time for all of us to slowly eat has been so helpful. I light candles during the meal and the boys think that’s fun, so they stay at the table longer because we blow them out as soon as we are done. Also, the longer we are at the table and talking, the more likely they are to just eat what is on the plate. And, since we don’t snack anymore they are really hungry. I’ve passed your book on to other friends in need and can’t quit talking about it. I’m going to print this and hang it in the kitchen. Thanks!


  5. I already printed a copy of it (I think I scanned the book cover!) and have had it up in the kitchen for many months. At first the girls whined and complained about the “changes” to meals (which happened slowly) but now they actually take the page off the fridge and hold it up to their babysitters and tell them “I don’t have to like it and I only have to taste it!” They are much more accepting, especially my picky oldest, of new or different flavours, textures and foods now. Thanks!


  6. That poster should also be for adults as well. I find that I get myself into “food ruts” and sometimes to even taste something different as an adult allows ones palate to expand, even if its a little bit.


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