Jamie Oliver Food Foundation 'blog of the month'!

I’m thrilled and honoured to have been named Jamie Oliver Food Foundation’s ‘Food Blog of the Month’…and so are my publishers! To celebrate (and to make their own  contribution to the ‘Food Revolution’), they’ve put e-copies of French Kids Eat Everything on sale for only $3.99 this week (Canada) and next week (United States)!!!

Many, many thanks to HarperCollins and to the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation!

ps I’m a big Jamie Oliver fan for many reasons, including his commitment to teaching young people to cook and love eating healthy food, his commitment to unemployed youth (in his London restaurant ‘Fifteen‘), and–last but not least–his willingness to run around dressed up as a green pea-in-a-pod on prime time TV, just to try to cajole kids to eat healthier food. (If you have seen his TV show ‘Food Revolution’, you’ll know what I’m talking about!). If you haven’t seen it, check it out…or check out Jamie’s award-winning TED talk, which is truly inspiring.

3 thoughts on “Jamie Oliver Food Foundation 'blog of the month'!

  1. Thanks for your message! So interesting to hear about the parallels in Italy. Regarding the cost per meal–there is no set rate (as there is no national program–each municipality runs a separate program, funded locally). However, the average rate appears to be between 3 and 4 Euros per child per meal. Lower-income families often have lower rates (or even free meals). Please do send the book to your food service director–and I would love to hear the responses (note–the e-reader version is on sale this week in Canada, and next week in the US for only $3.99 if that helps). Good luck, and keep me posted!


  2. Hi Karen, wonderful job on educating Americans about how the French children eat while at school! I have family in Italy…about the same idea…simple, freshly prepared meal( no choice) with no snacks, no sweets, and only water to drink.
    I have been on a committee for the last three years trying to get back to basics in the cafeterias…with little or no success!
    Our biggest obstacles…the cost, and labor involved with serving fesh foods.
    Can you give me an idea of how much the French government spends on each student for a school lunch? I know the french spend so much more of their income on good, fresh food…it’ not a priority for most Americans.
    I’d love to send your book to our food service director, but without the facts on how it’s actually accomplished…nothing will change.
    Thank you for your work and opening the eyes to many parents about what kids do eat!


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