Top chefs' tips on raising healthy eaters, inspired by French Kids Eat Everything

The editors of Bon Appetit magazine got a sneak preview of French Kids Eat EVerything, and were inspired to focus a whole week of discussion on raising healthy eaters, with tips from top chefs and food writers. I’m so inspired by their wonderful ideas. Many thanks to everyone at Bon Appetit.

Here’s a Q&A with Bon Appetit’s Emily Fleischaker on French Kids Eat Everything (where the French Food Rules are revealed!).

And here are all of the “Kids Week” posts (including contributions by Tom Colicchio, Suzanne Goin, Michael Symon, and John Besh). (Adorable kids’ photos too!)

2 thoughts on “Top chefs' tips on raising healthy eaters, inspired by French Kids Eat Everything

  1. Thanks so much for your comment, and for all of the great work you do for kids! I think you would love Kate Adamick: she is a school cook (former lawyer) who has helped thousands of schools convert to fresh, scratch-cooked meals–saving money and making healthier food in the process. Check out her website!


  2. Loved your interview, and I love the way the French do food. I run a food service for a small private school in mid-america and I have huge problem getting kids to eat. If I don’t make money I could be out of a job. The parents want better eating for their kids, but they will not train their kids and it is not my job. I have lost a lot of money this year trying to entice the kids with healthy yummy food such as home made mac and cheese, spaghetti and meat sauce, pulled pork, brisket, roast beef, roast chicken, baked chicken, sweet potatoes, roasted red potatoes, and more. My numbers drop by 75-100 and yet when I serve chicken rings my numbers are up to 250-275 plus over 100 seconds. Now if I have to make money to stay in business you tell me what am I going to do?
    With that said we also serve fresh fruit and veggies daily (not that they eat the veggies they don’t) and we have a fresh salad, sandwich and soup line. Soup is made daily and so are the sandwiches.
    So there it is…great read and keep it up.


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