Thank you Sarah Jane!!!

Many people have asked about the lovely illustrations on this website, and on the cover of French Kids Eat Everything.

The illustrations were drawn by the wonderful Sarah Jane Wright, who is an amazing artist (fabrics, paper dolls, prints, book illustrations, and more!), with a deservedly devoted following for her work (check her out at Sarah Jane Studio…you could spend hours looking at all of the gorgeous stuff she does).

Sarah Jane read an early draft of the book–and not only produced lovely illustrations but also tried out the French Food Rules with her kids! Her enthusiasm and talent were a source of inspiration for me as I struggled through the endless copy-edits and hoops that the publisher makes you jump through (I have to say I had no idea it would be this time-consuming).

So I’m delighted that Sarah Jane has received her copies of French Kids (even before I did! but that seems fitting! 😉 ). Check out this lovely post about her experience of reading French Kids, doing the illustrations, and treating her kids to my mousse au chocolat recipe here. I agree with her, by the way…once the kids have tasted this dessert there’s no going back. 😉

And, mille mercies Sarah Jane! You have been absolutely wonderful to work with.

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