'French Kids Eat Everything' Video: Fun food rules, and some charming scenes of France

I’ve been working on this little video about French Kids Eat Everything for a while now–so excited that it is now available!

It’s been such fun working with Sarah Jane Wright (fab illustrator and artist), who did most of the illustrations here (thanks Sarah Jane!). French artist Caroline Richard painted the scene of the French village–which is the actual port in the village we lived in while we were in France. This is where my husband grew up, and it’s also where we got married, in the little stone chapel up the hill on the right (dedicated to local fisherman, the chapel has a handmade replica of a wooden schooner proudly suspended from the ceiling near the altar). Our local bakery is in there too, and the local fishing boats that head out every morning (they still sell fish on the quay).

Aah, I’m feeling nostalgic…


2 thoughts on “'French Kids Eat Everything' Video: Fun food rules, and some charming scenes of France

  1. Hi Soozy – Sure, send me an email! Giving classes to kids is a great idea–I’ve heard from people doing this in various places, but not where you are. My email is on my contact page; feel free to get in touch.


  2. Hi Karen,
    My mother had read the NY Times Sunday Magazine version of your article “How My Daughters Learned to Eat Like the French” and I am quite intrigued. I live in the Hamptons on Long Island and I have been wanting to start a new business out here…your article sparked an idea about giving a class to kids.
    I am going to “like” your site on FB and I’d like to talk to you more about this if possible.
    I look forward to hearing from you!


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