"French Kids Eat Everything" excerpted in the New York Times!

A sneak peek from French Kids Eat Everything!

This NY Times excerpt is titled “How my Daughters Learned to Eat like the French.” It’s the story of a fabulous dinner party held by some of our dear friends in France, at which I became a convert (initially reluctant) to the French approach to kids’ food education. There must have been something in that chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce… ;).

2 thoughts on “"French Kids Eat Everything" excerpted in the New York Times!

  1. This was the most fabulous thing I have read. I can’t wait to get the book.
    I have a blog on my website that I write about my heritage through food in my Italian family.
    Also being 1/2 French this will definetly be an addition to my ramblings.
    It all makes so much sence to me to teach children through experiences that are not only necessary for them to grow into intelegent eaters but also fun. As a parent I did not have the inclination to do what I now do with my grand children. Now I serve them on my Limoge and crystal ! All I did not aquire until in my 50’s in antique shops. They are so much more eager to sample food served in style and fun.



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