A proud mom moment…what would your child draw if asked ‘what’s your favourite food’?

OK, this is one of those moments when you can be a bit self-satisfied about your parenting skills (that never lasts very long!)…or, other words, delude yourself into thinking you’re doing it all right.

I asked my younger daughter (just turned 4) to draw me her favorite food tonight. This is what she did, in a painstaking way that shows true devotion (no bias here, right?).

We actually do food art quite a bit…another ‘food education’ tip I picked up in France. It’s all about ‘taming’ new foods, as Cyril Lignac (France’s equivalent of Jamie Oliver) says.

Maybe I’ll ask her to draw cauliflower next!

2 thoughts on “A proud mom moment…what would your child draw if asked ‘what’s your favourite food’?

  1. Many thanks for your lovely comment. The thought of a teacher doing in-home cooking classes is inspiring to say the least! This is particularly important for boys (as a mother of two girls I am always delighted to see boys enjoying cooking!). Congratulations!


  2. A proud mom moment indeed. I don’t have kids of my own but am a full time teacher at an all-boys school and have a weekly cooking club for boys aged 8-11. I had a proud-mom moment last week when one of my students brought in the menu for Sunday dinner – chosen and shopped for and COOKED all by himself. It was a nice reminder of why I do what I do. I can only imagine how proud you are of those pictures 🙂 We made veggie lasagne this week and whilst I doubt many of them would draw that as their favourite food, I was pleased as punch that many of them tried it 🙂 Baby steps, right?


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